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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Family Vacation (10)Family Vacation
Storyguy22(10) Shelby and Robby stayed naked as long as they dared as they
maneuvered the paddle boat back toward the main beach area, fondling each
other right up to the last minute when the populous on the beach mandated
that they slip on their brief beach garb. After tuning the rented boat in,
they strolled along the beach aimlessly, enjoying the openly wanton gazes
they collected from older teens, and even mom's and dad's as they passed
them. After a time they came upon some teen boys that were trying to
assemble sufficient players to get a pick up volley ball game started, and
when asked, Robby agreed to play for a while. Shelby, feeling somewhat
tired from all of the sun and sex with her brother, opted to return to
their cabin for a shower, and a possible nap. When she went inside she determined that she was alone, and she quickly
removed her tiny bikini, and then went to the shower. Feeling refreshed
after showering, she toweled her trim little body dry, and then spent
several minutes admiring her naked reflection in the large mirror over the
vanity. She frowned slightly as she studied the small mounds of her just
budding breasts and her half-dollar sized nipples, wishing that they would
just hurry up and get bigger. She fully expected to eventually develop the
nice melon sized breasts her mother sported, and she allowed herself a wry
smile when she considered briefly how worked up her big brother Robby got
over her barely-there tits, and how much lolita porn, young lolitas
he was going to love playing with
her a way further down the road in her development. A small tingle went
through her as she recalled the delicious sensations that Robby had
recently invoked in her as his soft lips and tongue worked on her sensitive
nipples and tender mounds, and she exited the bath, moving across the hall
to the bedroom she was sharing with Robby, where she stretched out naked on
the big bed. She relaxed and let her mind wander, considering how incredible these
last several days had been since their parents had nudged her and Robby
into being sexually active as a family, and a small shudder washed over her
body as she thought of the first time she and her brother had gotten naked
together, their smooth bodies rubbing against one another as they explored
each other, kissing passionately as their tongues danced together. She
clearly imagined Robby's rock hard erection pressing firmly into her soft
abdomen, and the warm wetness of his mouth sucking at her swollen nipples
as his busy fingers had explored the slippery wetness of her juicy little
pussy. She recalled too the first moment that she had taken his pulsing
penis in her hand, her delicate fingers stroking the rigid shaft as she
carefully held his plump balls in her other hand, and as another shudder
passed through her, she unconsciously moved a hand to her chest and began
fingering her now stiff nipples. It felt wonderful, of course, and going
with her rising lust, she moved her other hand between her splayed legs,
and ran her fingers along the wetness of her bare slit. Oh golly, she
thought, her middle finger pushing inside her snug slit as her thumb teased
at the firm nub of her clitoris, I wish Robby would come back now, I want
his cock, I want him to fuck me again! Dave actually thought his rampant cock might explode inside the tight
Speedo swim suit he was wearing as he stood silently in the doorway of the
bedroom watching his incredibly sexy eleven year old daughter play with her
naked little body. His balls ached as he watched her slender fingers slide
along her glistening wet slit before she had slipped one finger inside as
her other hand toyed with her stiff nipples, her eyes closed as small moans
of pleasure emanated from her heaving chest. My God, he thought, his own
hand moving to adjust his throbbing erection, what a total beauty she is,
so damn perfect...small and petite, yet so voluptuous, all at one
time. Those tiny tits are just so sexy, the nipples so lickable, and her
budding little body is so smooth. And that delicious little cunt, Jesus, I
could lick and suck that for hours, and then slide my thick cock lolita pre teens cunts
in there
and fuck her till her ears bleed! He felt his balls jolt when Shelby bent
one leg at the knee, lolita pre teens cunts and moved her small hips slightly, and then began
moving her fingers in and out of her juicy pussy, the wet sounds of her
actions causing her Fathers cock to throb. He moved lolita child pics model
quietly, going to the
side of the bed, and he inhaled deeply, the stunning scent of her filling
his senses, making him dizzy. She must have sensed his presence because her
eyes slowly opened, and she blinked at him a few times before a sexy little
smile crossed her sweet face, and she said, "Hi Daddy...I hope you don't mind...I got feeling really horny after my
shower!" Dave chuckled, his eyes locked on his young daughters fingers moving
inside her bald pussy, and he replied, "How could I child top model lolita
mind,'re beautiful, and so very, very sexy...I
love seeing you like makes me really horny, too." She giggled sweetly, and her eyes settled on the obvious protrusion of
her father's incredibly hard cock standing out against the tight swim suit
he had on, and she giggled some more as she said, "I can see that, looks like it really wants out of that tight
swim suit." Dave needed no further encouragement as he continued to hungrily watch
his preteen daughter finger her juicy slit while she tugged her rigid
nipple, and with nothing more than a small nod of agreement with her
comment, he worked his Speedos down his legs, freeing his impressive man
meat, and aching balls. "Oh golly, Daddy...!" chirped Shelby. Dave grinned at her, and tugged on his thick stalk a few times as a
wide-eyed Shelby watched him, and then he released it, and moved his hand
to his daughter's crotch. He took her hand in his, and moved it to his
rigid cock before once more groping her smooth mound, his fingers replacing
hers at her very wet pussy. "Let's trade, will be a lot more fun if I do you, and you do
me." Shelby giggled excitedly, her slim fingers quickly grasping her father's
thickness as she stroked it up and down. Dave's fingers invaded his
daughter's wetness as he slid in and out of her slick folds and toyed with
her tender nub. "Oh Daddy," she pedo sex lolita pictures cooed, "lie down with me daddy; I want you to hold me." Dave dropped onto the bed, his strong arms enclosing his naked young
daughter as he held her and kissed her passionately, and they quickly
resumed exploring each other with hands and mouths. Dave licked and suckled
her pert breasts and nipples as he worked his thick fingers through her
wetness, while her delicate hands busied themselves with his aching balls
and pulsing cock. Fearing a loss of control from the headiness of it all,
Dave lapped his way south along her silky torso, ending up at her apex
where he hungrily tongued her tasty folds, stabbing repeatedly at the
sensitive nub of her clit. She groaned in pleasure and panted as he ate her
sweet young pussy, and when the intense orgasm hit her quivering body she
called out loudly, her small hips rolling and bucking as her balled fists
hammered the mattress. Dave captured her clit in his lips and sucked it as
his finger plunged deeply into her buttery softness, and when the orgasm
faded, she sagged breathlessly onto the rumpled bed. He backed away from
her, and met her gaze, a wide grin on his face that glistened with a
generous coating of her pussy juices. She gasped, grinning at her father as
she told him, "That was so awesome,, you have to lie back and let me suck
you...I want you to feel as good as me!" In a flash Dave was flat on his back, his thick cock pointed pretty much
at the ceiling as his sexy little girl moved between his wide spread
legs. He watched in awe as her thumb and finger circled the base of his
shaft and lifted it before her head lowered, and she slipped his erection
into her soft, warm mouth. "Aww God, Sweetheart...that feels so damn good...suck me, sexy girl,
suck your dad's hard cock!" he grunted, every nerve in his body exploding
in joy. And suck him she did, her soft mouth drooling over her daddy's wide
cock, and she felt a sharp tingle deep in her pussy as she considered
briefly that the big cock she was sucking had actually given her life. She
felt her dad's hands move to her bobbing head and gently guide it as she
moved over his pulsing manhood, and Dave felt that familiar top pink lolitas com
sensation begin
to build in his balls, and as much as he would have loved to erupt his hot
cum into her sucking little mouth, he was determined to have her, to fuck
his baby girl, and mustering his last once of control he pulled her head
back, telling her, as his rampant cock slapped back against his stomach, "That's just wonderful, sweetheart, you suck daddy so well...but baby,
daddy wants so much to fuck you feel your sweet pussy grip my big
cock." Shelby giggled at his obvious lust, and she quickly swung around, going
on her back as her pretty legs parted widely, her glistening wet slit
opening to her father's hungry gaze. "Do it, daddy...hurry...fuck me, daddy...I want that really bad!" His pulse pounding in his ears, Dave quickly maneuvered between her
legs. Grasping his oozing cock, he bent it down and aligned the wide knob
with his free lolita preteen bbs little girl's wet pinkness. He dragged the head over her little
bud several times, causing her to gasp loudly, and then he centered it, and
lunged forward until his entire seven inches was fully imbedded in his
daughter's tight pussy. His balls slapped against her upturned little butt,
and he paused, letting the breath taking sensations wash over him as he
felt Shelby flexing her vaginal muscles, milking at his swollen shaft as it
soaked in her slippery wetness. "So big, daddy...thicker than nice, daddy...really
nice...fuck me, daddy, please!" Dave instantly got the message, his hips working as he began a preteen lolitas list xxx
pace of thrusts into his sweet girls' gripping sheath, and his hand moved
up to work her tiny breast buds and nipples. In and out he went, his nearly
boiling balls slapping her pretty butt with each plunge, and he felt her
slim legs free lolita hardcore pics wrap over his back as she chanted a steady cadence of
"daddy...daddy...daddy!" Dave of course wanted the act to go on forever, but his aching balls had
another agenda, and all too soon he felt his balls draw tight as they
prepared to unload his molten seed. He withdrew, pausing briefly, and then
slid it all the way home once more, his groan of pleasure growling deep in
his heaving chest as his semen raced along the length of his cock, and
erupted, spewing rope after thick rope of creamy cum into his sweet little
girl's hot pussy. "Oh wow, daddy...I can feel you shooting stuff in me...oh, wow!" Shelby
wailed, her inner muscles clamping firmly onto his spewing cock as he
drained, and offered a final weak dribble ooze from his spent cock. He sagged forward, wrapping his sweet baby in his arms and rolling over
so that she was atop him, and he savored the firm little mounds of her
budding tits on his chest. She laid her head on his shoulder, and panted
happily into his ear, "Awesome, fuck me so good...!"(Story Continues)
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